How to Collect Morning Glory Seeds

Due to years of shoddy worksmanship, the very large stone retaining wall in our backyard is something of an eyesore. My husband and I were agonizing over what to do about it when I had a brilliant idea: Cover it with flowers!

I got the lovely variety below from Baker Creek Seeds. Only one little seed sprouted and escaped the hungry little bunnies into adulthood, but it produced several trailing vines and hundreds of deep purple blooms.

Morning Glory Blooms-min

Morning glories are great at reseeding themselves, but since I want the flowers to grow along the top of the wall, and not on the ground below, I had to be pretty vigilant when it came to gathering seeds.

How to Collect Morning Glory Seeds

Each flower that’s spent will drop off after a while, leaving a little pod. Leave it on the vine to fatten up. If you spy them on the ground when they’re still green, you can pick them up and let them dry indoors. Otherwise, leave them to dry by themselves on the vine.

Once the seed pods are brown and dry, and the leaves have peeled themselves back, simply crush the pod gently into your palm. Each pod will have 2-5 seeds in it, depending on the size of the pod. The seeds are fairly good sized and they’re pretty hardy when dried, so you don’t have to be too delicate with them.

Gather as many as you please and scatter them wherever you’d like! This year I’m trying things nature’s way and spreading seeds before winter comes, rather than waiting until next spring. But I’m saving a bunch of seeds aside in case this doesn’t work out!

I LOVE morning glories. They’re gorgeous and they attract one of my favorite garden visitors…hummingbirds! Got a variety I just have to see? Share it below in the comments!


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